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Do I need a Parent Coach, Therapist, or just some Tea & Chocolate?

When it comes to your health, your hobbies, your job, your faith and almost everything in your life, we have experts to coach us on what we need to work on.

Each year I meet with my physician to have a "check up" to ensure I am healthy.

For many of us we have trainers or health coaches who help us monitor our nutrition or exercise routines.

If you play tennis, sing or or regularly practice a hobby you might have someone who is coaching you on your skills to help you improve.

In any job I have had as part of a team it was mandatory for us to meet regularly with a supervisor to discuss the projects we were working on, to brainstorm about any struggles we were having, and to set goals for the upcoming year.

If you are spiritual you may meet with a mentor who helps you learn and grow in your faith.

But, when was the last time you had a session to work on your parenting?

Is being a mother or father is one of the most important roles in your life?

Is being a parent is one of the most challenging roles in your life?

So, who is helping you?

If you are not yet checking in with a professional, I would encourage you to find someone to help you improve your parenting so you not just survive, but thrive this season.

When to seek out support...

  • At the onset of your parenting journey prior to any placement in order to ensure readiness

  • About once a year to set parenting goals and discuss strategies to meet those goals

  • Prior to any school meeting (ex. IEP or disciplinary) to ensure you are the best advocate for your child

  • During seasons of struggle to come up with tweaks to your current parenting strategy

  • During seasons of crisis to come up with safety plans

  • As needed when other issues pop up, for example, how to navigate open adoption issues, conflict with foster care agency or school, or how to work through tension with extended family.

Do I need a parent coach, therapist, or just some tea & chocolate?

Online parent coach for foster and adoptive families
  • If you feel you need weekly sessions and can commit to a regular time slot, you may prefer a therapist OR If you feel you only need one or two sessions right now, you may prefer a parent coach.

  • If you would feel more comfortable getting out of the house & going to an office, you may prefer a therapist OR If you would feel more comfortable having your sessions in an online video chat format from home, you may prefer a parent coach.

  • If you are looking to process into your past and how it is impacting your current functioning, you may prefer a therapist OR If you are looking for some quick solutions to your struggles you may prefer a parent coach

  • If your kids are loud, late, or lazy... you might just need some tea & chocolate.

FAQ about parent coaching sessions with me...

Online parent coach Trish Jonker for foster and adoptive families

1. How long will I have to wait to get started?

I promise to offer you a session within 48hrs of you reaching out. I know that when you are ready to schedule, it is often cause you really need it asap.

2. Can we really get to some solutions in just an hour?

Prior to your session you can email me all the details of your unique family so that I can prepare and be ready to jump right in to make the most of your session. By the end of the hour you will have a couple of simple, practical ideas you can put into place that day.

3. When do you book sessions?

My availability is very flexible. As a work from home parent I am often available during school hours, but then once Roy is home in the evenings and weekends I can also schedule during those times.

4. What video chat platform do you use?

I am on a lot of different platforms and able to work with what you are most comfortable. In the past I have used, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. I'm an android girl so just no Facetime. I have also had clients who prefer regular old-fashioned phone sessions and that is fine as well.

5. Do you schedule family sessions?

My services are focused on the needs of the parents. Many of us already have plenty of professionals checking in on our kids. My role is to support, encourage and coach the parents. I'm happy to make referrals for family therapists if that is needed in your home.

Let's chat! If you have any questions about parent coaching and if it is right for you right now, send me a note at

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