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Are you past the point of reading articles and you need some personalized, professional help?

Do you need to connect with someone who understands what you are going through?

When you send in your appointment request, I will respond within 24hrs,

because I understand that when it's bad, you don't have time to wait.


Telehealth & In Person sessions (at my Barrington, IL office) are $140/hr and covered by BCBS PPO. 

As a licensed therapist I specialize in working not only with issues related to childhood trauma, 

foster care & adoption, but also anxiety and relational distress. 

I offer individual, couples & family sessions for clients of all ages. 

I hold a clinical counseling license in Arizona, DC, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky,

New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wyoming.


Let's connect.  We will talk through what is going on & create a plan together to make it better tomorrow.


Workshops for Download:

I Need to Sleep:  Rest is often tough to find for those of us parenting kids from hard places. 

Whether you are looking for sleep strategies for your children, teens or yourself, this workshop will

help you discover some fresh ideas you may not have tried yet. 

This 1hr workshop is available for download for $12.99

Connecting with Teens:  The principles of connection may look different when you kids get bigger, but it really is the same. In this workshop you will learn practical connection strategies you can use in your home tomorrow. That being said… connecting with teens is also challenging and there will be a lot of grace extended to those of us who are doing our best, and still not having the relationship we hoped for.

This 1hr workshop is available for download for $12.99

Empowering Teens & Tweens:  Sometimes talk therapy isn’t enough (or your teen might refuse to go), so here you will find some simple lifestyle changes that can help them out. Using principles from Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and Integrative Medicine, this workshop will share practical strategies covering issues such as sleep, nutrition, and sensory needs. At the end of the workshop, pick 1 or 2 takeaways to try in your home tomorrow to set up your tweens and teens for success.

This 1hr workshop is available for download for $12.99


Live Workshops:

(In Person or Virtual)

Strong Enough to Bend:  Traditional parenting techniques will most likely not work with your foster or adopted children.  If you are considering inviting a child with a tough past into your home, or if you are already in the middle of it, this workshop will provide education on the effects of in utero and early childhood trauma, as well as practical trauma informed parenting strategies, including attachment, behavioral, nutritional & integrative strategies you can use in your home & community.

Nutritional & Integrative Strategies for Wellness:  Stress takes its toll on the mind & body.  In this workshop you will learn complementary strategies from a health & wellness perspective to give you hope & healing. 

This workshop can be tailored to provide self care ideas for parents themselves or wellness interventions

for children & teens.

Trauma Informed Teaching Strategies:  Each year there are hundreds of thousands of children experiencing trauma and ending up in the foster care system.  Each school year children & teens are walking into classrooms having witnessed community / domestic violence and are trying (often unsuccessfully) to push down the pain and learn.  Each year there are students sitting in desks that have experienced in utero and early childhood trauma that they may not remember, but it is evident in the way they are struggling to manage their behaviors. In this workshop you will learn how childhood trauma impacts learning & behavior management, followed by some practical ideas that will make classroom management easier & set up your students for success.

What can I do to help?:  This is a topic specifically designed for those that support at risk youth or foster & adoptive families.  It details some of the effects of early childhood trauma, and then gently explains how & why we support & parent these children differently.  Filled with practical tips, this workshop is a great fit for large group settings like religious groups, schools & community organizations

OR small groups settings like extended families & loved ones.

As well as the workshops mentioned above, I Need to Sleep, Connecting with Teens, and

Empowering Tweens & Teens.

Have another idea?  Let's connect and we can discuss what you are looking for!

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