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The Call to Love is the story of our unique journey creating a big modern family.  The goal of this book is not only to tell you what happened, but how it happened.  It isn't sugar coated, but full of honest emotions surrounding our successes and failures as foster parents and therapists.

This audio book, narrated by Trish, is unique in that each chapter is paired with a blog post that goes deeper into each subject.  If you want to take your time, and go for a deep dive on the issues mentioned, we have created a pathway.  By going deeper, you can interact with the ideas, learn about them and how to apply them to your own life.  From complex counseling theories to recipes, videos and links to other resources, it's all there for you on the blog page.

Look for it on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

If you are more of a reader, the transcript is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats

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