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Gifts That Give Back

Over the next few weeks millions of dollars will be spent on gifts on friends and family, co workers and teachers throughout this holiday season. So I have put together a list of some fun gift ideas, that will give back and support children & families. Now you won't just give a give, but you can help change the life of a child.

Just Love Coffee is a gift that helps adoptive families

It began when owners Rob and Emily Webb made the decision to adopt two children from Ethiopia in 2009. While going through the adoption process they set up a hand roasting business as a for-profit venture that existed to help others. You can now order some of their coffee online, set up a loved one with a subscription as a gift, or if you live near one of their eateries you can grab a gift card.

Christmas Milk helps families adopting from foster care

It all began when celebrating their first Christmas with their newly adopted 9yr old son from foster care. The little boy was excited about a drink he once had and kept asking his new family if they would be able to find it. He did not know the name, nor could he describe it - all he could say is "it tastes like Christmas". His family let him try juices, sports drinks, anything they could think of, but were never able to find the drink he longed to taste again.

Then it happened. The little boy's Mom and Dad gave him a glass of Eggnog. The boy took a sip and jumped up! "That's it!" the boy exclaimed. "That is the drink I have been talking about! It's Christmas Milk!!"

Maybe you want to pick some up this year and support families adopting from foster care.

Dolls that help with adoption and adoption fundraisers

Each item is sewn with love, quality materials, and a desire to help those called to adoption. MaeBeSew helped fund their two international adoptions and now continues to help those adopting through donations and fundraisers.

If you are looking to purchase diverse dolls, raise money for an international adoption, or if you want to help another family find their missing piece, consider purchasing a doll from MaeBeSew.

Necklaces that support ophans in Uganda from an adoptive mom

Sherry started this company after adopting twins from Uganda. Lovishly was born out of a passion for the injustices she had witnessed and created an opportunity for her family to partner and give back.  Every necklace & cuff is designed by her family with love and care.  Her desire is to create conversation pieces for adults and children that provide opportunities for you to make a statement, while supporting work that is in need of funding.

Christmas gift ideas that support adoption

This store located in Washington carries all kinds of gift ideas which are all also available online! They are a family passionate about adoption from India and have given thousands of dollars to support adoption. Check them out today! I'm sure you will find something for someone.

Photography that supports adoption

Are you looking for some art? Perhaps a special piece to decorate a child's bedroom? Trisha has a very unique concept! She is selling prints of her photography from the Swiss Alps, Scotland, Uganda, Zion National Park, & the Grand Canyon. When you purchase these prints she is able to offer support to families by promoting their fundraisers and a portion of all profits help fund the documentation of adoption stories worldwide at no cost to adoptive families.

Noonday Collection provides gifts that support adoption and social justice

In 2010, Noonday Founder Jessica Honegger and her husband Joe traveled to Uganda to visit friends who were working at an orphanage. It was then that they decided to grow their family through adoption. Jessica hosted the first Noonday Collection Trunk Show in her living room as a fundraiser to help her family bring their son Jack home from Rwanda. But its not just about adoption. In many places around the world, children are orphaned or abandoned because of poverty. They believe no parent should have to make the devastating choice to give up a child because they cannot afford to care for them. By partnering with local Artisan Businesses in vulnerable communities, they help families earn stable, dignified incomes that allow them to keep their families together.

This is the list I have compiled today. Hope this helps make your holidays more meaningful and of course, feel free to let me know of any I have missed! We cannot do this alone and it always helps to share ideas.

- Trish

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